A Clay-tastic Time!

  • 15 August 2017
A Clay-tastic Time!

On Monday 14 August, Year 2 went on an adventure to Secondary school and visited Mr Bemrose's Year 9 Visual Art class for a clay-making lesson.

Year 2 students loved being paired with their 'grown-up' buddy and eagerly listened as Year 9 explained how they made their recent Aquatic Life pottery.

They busily got to work and were taught how to roll out their clay and start shaping it. Year 2 have been learning about lots of different plants recently so they loved the opportunity to be taught how to create leaves and flowers out of clay.

Our students worked very well together and demonstrated an encouraging sense of belonging and understanding. Year 2 students enjoyed learning from their Year 9 friends and our Year 9 students equally enjoyed playing the 'teacher' and sharing their skills and art experience with the younger Year 2 students.

Thank you to Mr Bemrose and Mrs Rowling for organising such a fun and engaging learning celebration!