Year 9 Macbeth Excursion

  • 23 August 2017
Year 9 Macbeth Excursion

Year 9 English students had the opportunity to view a Bell Shakespeare Production of William Shakespeare's play 'Macbeth' at the PlayHouse Theatre at The Sydney Opera House on Wednesday 9 August.

Here are some comments from students about the performance:


“I loved the play and all the characters in it from crazy Macbeth to heroic Macduff.” Jesse


“All in all I really enjoyed the play and I’m glad we were able to attend. I would love to consider doing it again sometime.” Maddy


“The actors did an amazing job at remembering their lines and acting, especially the actors who had to play many different characters.” Krisha


“They portrayed the world of Macbeth very well on such a small stage, using amazing transitions and manipulating the props to their full potential.” Joshua


“I believe it was good to see [actors of] different nationalities [performing] a Shakespearean play.” Osasere


“The production of the play was very well thought out since they were only using the actual stage. They were very organised and they had good communication and understanding of how to move and change every scene.” Shaalee


“The costumes were a big part of the play as actors played multiple characters.” Taran


“The costumes made it clear for the audience to identify which character the actor was playing. Most of the actors constantly changed costumes for different roles; I liked the way they did this.” Ben

Annette Sicard
Secondary Teacher/Stage 5 Learning Support